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Welcome to EFO Power Electronics page !

This dedicated web resourse of EFO Ltd helps our russian customers - designers and manufacturers of power electronics end products - to find information and support on power components supplied by EFO.

EFO Ltd has officially established the Power Electronics department in 2009 following  few years of accumulating experience and studying the demand of existing customers, with the main goal of becoming the best source of power electronic components for Russian industrial customers.

Based on 15 years' distribution experience in most support-intensive areas such as programmable logic, microcontrollers, telecom or wireless communications, EFO is well prepared to support the complicated power electronics solutions.

With the additional focus provided by dedicated specialists, EFO started offering additional products and services to numerous customers dealing with motor control, industrial automation, electric traction, power supplies, welding equipment, HVAC, as well as to the growing sector of energy production, distribution, conversion and saving.

With EFO's experienced sales and engineering Team, reliable logistics and excellent geographical coverage we are  able to bring valuable contribution to our customers and suppliers in Power Electronics area.

The major product groups we promote and supply to Russian market include:

  • Power Semiconductors
  • IGBT Drivers
  • Capacitors
  • Laminated Busbars
  • Power Resistors
  • Thermal Management
  • Protection devices
  • Switching units
  • Transformers and Chokes


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